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There are a variety of pliers in different shapes and sizes. The slip-joint pliers and long-nosed or needle-nosed pliers are absolutely necessary for everyone. 

Locking-jaw pliers , also called vise grips, are very versatile to do your pipe work easier.

Interlocking pliers, also called water-pump pliers, can perform as a wrench as well as pliers.

Cutting pliers are a must for any wiring work. 

Wire strippers are handy for electrical work, which have special grooves for stripping various gauges of wire without cutting the wire inside.

Linesman's pliers have a beveled nose with a side-cutting jaw for trimming wire and cotter pins.

Long-nose pliers have a pointed nose for getting into tight places and forming loops of wire.

Bent long-nose pliers are handy for retrieving small parts or doing other jobs where the straight long-nose pliers cannot do.

Snap ring pliers can be used for removing snap rings on brake cylinders, U-joints, starting drives, etc.

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