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Adjustable One-Shot Tire Inflator

  • $24.95 One KT2050 One-Shot tire inflator 

  • $1.95 Two SR60W Batteries (optional)

The patented DriveGreen™ one-shot tire inflator is a fully automatic tire-inflating device. The user can easily preset a pressure from 20 to 50 PSI. This adjustable pressure range covers almost all the automakers-recommended tire pressure for cars, light trucks and motorcycles. This inflator also has an electronic LED light indicating whether the tire pressure is at the preset level.

It is easy to use - simply connect the inflator onto the tire valve stem (see Picture 1), if the LED light turns on, the tire pressure is OK. If the LED light does not turn on, you need to inflate the tire as usual (see Picture 2), and the inflation will automatically start. Once the tire pressure reaches the preset pressure level of the inflator, the inflation will automatically stop, and the LED light turns on. Unlike air relief valve, the DriveGreen™ one-shot tire inflator shuts off the air flow completely at the preset pressure without air loss.

The inflator uses two pieces of  silver-oxide batteries of IEC SR60, ANSI/NEDA 1175SO, Rayovac 364 or other equivalents. The batteries are already installed in the inflator by the manufacturer, and normally last for several years depending on the frequency of uses. You can buy the backup batteries here or your local supermarket or electronic stores.

With the DriveGreen™ one-shot tire inflator, you will always have the correct tire pressure, and never again worry about under-inflation, over-inflation or blowing out your tires! With fully automatic action, inflating tires will no longer be an annoying chore. You can now enjoy the convenience of the DriveGreen™ one-shot tire inflator, and get rid of your old "trial and error" inflating devices.

Buy it now and inflate your tires regularly with the proper procedures as follows:

  1. Preset the inflator pressure value to the automaker-recommended tire pressure level. For example, if the automaker-recommended tire pressure is 32 PSI, you need to turn the pressure-adjusting nut up or down and align the reference mark with the pressure reading line of 32 PSI.
  2. Remove the tire valve cap and screw the air outlet end of the inflator onto the tire valve stem. You may hear air leaking before the indicator is appropriately seated. This is normal. Keep screwing the inflator onto the valve stem until the air leaking noise disappears. There is no need to over-tighten and doing so could damage the seal.
  3. Check the initial tire pressure by watching the LED display. If you see the LED light is lit on, the tire pressure is OK. Otherwise the tire needs inflation.
  4. Inflate the tire by pressing an air chuck onto the inlet end of the inflator. You may hear a hissing sound indicating the flow of air into the tire. As the tire pressure reaches the preset level, the inflator shuts off airflow into the tire automatically and the LED light turns on.
  5. Remove the air chuck and make sure that the LED light is still lit on steadily. (If not, you should repeat Step 4.)
  6. Remove the inflator after you make sure the tire pressure is OK, and replace the tire valve cap.

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