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Suspension System

The suspension system uses a flexible connection between the wheels and the car body. The suspension system provides easy control of the car and minimizes rough riding because of the irregular road surface. The suspension system consists of linkage, springs and shock absorbers. The linkage controls the position of the wheels. Ball joints are used between moving parts. Springs are used to absorb the energy from the wheels and supports most of the car weight. The shock absorbers dampen vibrations of the springs.

Most cars use independent front suspensions such as MacPherson struts. Rear suspensions usually use leaf or coil springs. These are much simpler than front suspensions but they are non-independent. When the road affects one rear wheel, another rear wheel is also affected. However, more and more newer cars also use independent rear suspensions. If all wheels are equipped with independent suspensions, the car is said to have fully-independent suspensions.

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