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click for large picture "The best ideas are usually the simplest."

You have discovered the Drive Green™ one-shot tire inflator -- a new convenient way to inflate your vehicle's tires. This magic inflator provides a simple, quick and accurate way to inflate and maintain your tire at its recommended pressure.
Yes, just one shot! No trial and error! No gauge needed! It is fully automatic and easy-to-use. The inflator will allow air flow only until your tire is inflated to the proper pressure.

Easy to Use

Simply connect the inflator to the tire valve stem and inflate as usual. As the tire pressure reaches the preset level, the inflator shuts off airflow into the tire automatically and the LED light turns on. The inflator is then removed and may be stored in your glove compartment until your next pressure check. Its heavy-duty brass construction provides an instrument that is both durable and accurate.

Adjustable Preset Pressure

The user can easily adjust the preset pressure from about 20 to 50 PSI. This adjustable pressure range covers almost all the automakers-recommended tire pressure for cars, light trucks and motorcycles.

Electronic LED Display

This inflator also has an electronic LED light indicating whether the tire pressure is at the preset level. It's very convenient to use during night!

Fully Automatic

The inflation will automatically start if the initial tire pressure is low, and it will automatically terminate once the actual tire pressure reaches the preset pressure level of the inflator. The inflator shuts off air flow at the preset pressure by itself without air releasing.

Benefits from the Drive Green™ one-shot tire inflator

With the Drive Green™ one-shot tire inflator, your tires always have the correct never have to worry about over-inflating or blowing out your tires! With the inflator's fully automatic action, inflating tires will no longer be an annoying chore. You can now enjoy the convenience of the one-shot tire inflator, and get rid of the old "trial and error" inflating device. In addition, you will get

  • Optimal drivability and performance from your tires

  • Less risk of tire-related accidents

  • Longer tire life

  • Minimal tire wear and tear

  • Less frequent wheel balancing and alignment

  • Get up to 10% better mileage and reduce pollution

A great gift idea!

The Drive Green™ one-shot tire inflator is a great gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Shower...Buy It Now


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